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Caring for your shoes

We hope that you are delighted with your purchase.  Buying shoes can be an investment so once you have spent your hard earned cash you will want to take care of them so that you get best wear and value from them. A little time and care to look after your shoes can help lengthen the life of the footwear.

Here are our top tips for getting the most out of your shoes:

Shoes with leather soles 

For the first few occasions try and wear your shoes in dry conditions. This allows grit to compact on the bottom and stop the sole because leather soles can expand and become slippery in wet conditions.  You may also want to consider getting an expert cobbler to fit a fine half rubber sole which will help protect your the leather sole and improve its longevity.

Protect your shoes 

Please use the recommended product for your particular shoe. Regular cleaning and polishing will maintain and enhance the look of your shoes. Even before you wear your shoes for the first time, give them a little love and attention and protect them with polish and/or protector spray.

Maintain your shoes

  1. Use a damp cloth to wipe down your shoe and remove any superficial dirt and stains.  A range of products can be used to remove stubborn stains and marks.
  2. Leather uppers require to be nourished regularly and benefit from a good quality shoe cream with a soft cloth or brush and will protect and add shine. A coloured shoe cream will penetrate the leather and restore the colour, while a delicate cream or Perfect Gel will clean and care for more delicate leathers. Shoe creams should be applied in circular movements with a soft cloth and polished with a soft brush or polishing mitt.
  3. A protector spray can be used on most finished (not plastic or patent leathers), if used regularly this product will repel water, snow, and dirt.
  4. Suede can be cleaned using a rubber suede brush or gum block to remove stubborn marks and protected using a specialist suede protector spray.
  5. Nubuck leather can be treated like suede, using a suede protector spray, or if yours is an oiled nubuck shoe or boot then a specialist oiled nubuck product will removal the oils in the nubuck and waterproof and protect the shoe.

Invest in a least one pair of shoe trees.

We would recommend good quality unfinished cedar shoe tree. Their job is to draw out perspiration and maintain the shape of the shoe as they dry out, and release a pleasant aroma.  A couple of hours with the shoe trees in the shoe is enough to allow the shoe to return to its correct shape after wearing.

If you are caught out in the rain

Stuff your shoes with newspaper and allow to dry slowly, and away form direct heat. Radiators and the like can dry and crack the leather.  Before they are completely dry remove the newspaper and insert a shoe tree to help reshape the shoe.

Rotate your shoes

The fine leathers used in most of our shoes require a full 24 hours to dry out from natural perspiration or rain so we recommend not wearing the same shoes on successive days.

Use a shoe horn

A shoe horn can help to prevent damage to the back of the heel and shape.